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Nursing at RMC

Nursing at RMC

For more than 50 years, Rockdale Medical Center (RMC) has provided comprehensive quality healthcare to Rockdale County and the surrounding community. As employees of this organization, affectionately dubbed “The Rock,” we live by our mission to treat every person as a member of our family. Ours is truly a unique organization that balances a sense of community with state of the art technology. Nowhere is this more evident than throughout our nursing departments, which are truly the heart and soul of our hospital. As you consider a career change, you may ask yourself what would motivate you to choose Rockdale, when there are so many hospitals in the greater Atlanta area. To us, the answer is simple and can be summed up in one word: family.

We value our nursing staff as a vital part of our organization. Within each nursing department, our team consists of charge nurse, unit secretaries, patient care technicians, staff nurses, along with a variety of other healthcare professionals working together to provide care. Joining our team makes you a member of a caring family of nurses who provide hands-on, quality and meaningful care to our customers. At RMC, nurses and other members of the healthcare team are recognized as key decision makers. Like most families, we strive to support you in your efforts by ensuring you have the tools and equipment you need to be successful.

Situated less than 30 minutes from downtown Atlanta, RMC is conveniently located off I-20 near many of the fastest growing suburbs. Why fight Atlanta traffic and drive past Rockdale when a family atmosphere combined with the latest technology is just right down the road? We know your time is important. That is why our inpatient shifts run from six to six to allow you time to accommodate your family’s needs. So, spend more of your time doing the things you enjoy with the people you care most about.

We recognize how important family is. So, from our family to yours, we hope you’ll join us.

Nursing Mission – The mission statement of Rockdale Medical Center, Inc. is to treat everyone in our facility as a member of our family. The Division of Nursing has embraced that mission statement as the primary mission of all nursing departments. The Nursing Division also strives to continually achieve its personal mission: to promote, restore, and maintain the health of all the patients we serve.

Nursing Vision – The vision statement of Rockdale Medical Center, Inc. is to achieve national recognition for health care service excellence. While the Division of Nursing has embraced the vision of the organization, we have expounded on the vision for nursing services.Our vision is to be recognized by the community as committed to providing the highest quality nursing care in a respectful, caring and healing environment.