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Rockdale Medical Center recently released a statement saying they appreciated the hard work and dedication of the entire medical team and hospital staff during the care and treatment of an internationally known celebrity.  Santa Claus, who uses the name Tom Harrison throughout the year to blend into the crowd at the pool during the scorching Conyers summer, nearly missed getting to hand out candy canes and listen to children’s wish lists this year because of a nagging knee problem.


“My knee needed fixing after Rudolph kicked me,” Santa joked. “But in all seriousness, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do as Santa without the surgeries I had.” After a total knee replacement at Rockdale Medical Center, Santa returned to the North Pole to recover and prepare for the upcoming Christmas season.  Soon, he was able to leave the elves to finish making the toys, and return to his bench feeling much better and ready to hear Christmas wishes.


Santa Tom was a prime candidate for a total knee replacement, in which an artificial joint is attached to existing bone to replace damaged joints. Much to Santa’s satisfaction, and the thousands of boys and girls in world who count on seeing him each Christmas, the surgery was a success.


“Christmas has always been such a special day for me,” said Santa (Harrison). “Would you like to know a secret?  Christmas Day is also my birthday! This year, I’m looking forward to dashing through my Santa duties on Christmas Eve and then celebrating the holiday with Mrs. Claus and the elves.”


Santa continued, “Rockdale Medical Center has helped me out with different services prior to this year’s surgeries, and they have been willing to work with me every time. Santa has a busy schedule and a tight deadline.  I trust the hospital and know they will do everything they can to get me back in my sleigh by Christmas Eve. This Santa wants to thank everyone at Rockdale Medical Center for their caring attitude and sweet smiles.”

He even went so far as to say that Rockdale Medical Center had made the ‘Nice List’ again this year.