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Women’s Services

Women’s Services

At all ages, females have specific healthcare needs that can be complicated and full of surprises. We understand your unique healthcare requirements as you grow into adulthood, give birth, and go through menopause. Our highly trained and skilled healthcare professionals use their knowledge and experience, along with our advanced technology, to provide women’s services that prevent, diagnose, and treat your medical issues. Our hospital provides safe, professional, and aesthetically pleasing environments designed especially for you. Our women’s services are focused in:

  • The Birth Place
  • Women’s Diagnostics Center
  • OB-GYN

Located in the East Tower of the Rockdale Medical Center, we have two state-of-the art facilities, The Birth Place and Women’s Diagnostics Center, where you can get women’s services with quality care, convenience, and a private, comfortable setting. The Birth Place is one of the region’s finest neonatal intensive care units (NICU) to provide a beautiful, state-of-the art facility with quality care so mothers can give birth close to home. Our Women’s Diagnostics Center is a soothing area where we specialize in providing ultrasounds, mammograms, bone density tests, and stereotactic breast biopsy exams. In addition, we have a network of OB-GYN physicians who provide women’s services and are local for your convenience.

The Birth Place


Women’s Diagnostics